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Use of Content

The content is available for informational purposes only. The posting of content and access to this website does not render, either explicitly or implicitly, any provision of services or products by us. Information concerning financial products or services (including insurance, asset management and banking) is only available through the respective Embark.

No Offer

No information on the Embark Website is or should be interpreted as an offer or a solicitation for an offer, as investment, legal, tax or other advice. Where such is needed, a professional shall be consulted.

No Duty to Update

All content on the Embark Website is published as of its date only. We assume no responsibility to update or amend.


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General Terms & Conditions for Express Shipment


Your shipments must be transport-ready and the accompanying documents properly filled in and attached to the shipment. Invoices must indicate whether the shipment is commercial, personal, or contains samples. (If sending samples, please stipulate “not for resale”). If a commercial invoice is sent with the shipment, make sure that it bears the customer’s signature, the shipment’s declared value and an accurate description of its contents.

Destination Specific Restrictions

Destination served, type of goods, size, weight, value, etc. Please check with us for feasibility.

Duties and Taxes

Shipments may incur duties and taxes in the importing country. The consignee is generally liable for any such duties and taxes. If the consignee refuses payment, the shipment will only be cleared through customs after the shipper has confirmed in writing its express undertaking to pay the duties and taxes.

Special Products and Services

Economy, valuable ,dangerous goods, please check with us for feasibility.

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